(Transcription from personal files of Frank B. Chilton at the Texas State Archives)

Endorsement by Capt. J. T. Hunter Surviving Capt. of Co. H. 4th. Texas Regt., to above roll and corrections made thereto by H. T. Sapp and F. B. Chilton.

Oakwood, Texas. March 9th. 1905

Having had returned to me under date of Feb. 12th. 1905 from comrades H. T. Sapp and F. B. Chilton the above and foregoing Roll, and addenda thereto, as well as list of corrections made by them at my request, and having carefully examined both roll and all matter bearing thereon, I do conscientiously in honor to the dead and justice to the living, endorse the said Thos. Seargent roll with its addenda and corrections, as supplied by comrades Sapp and Chilton, as being as perfect and complete as we are ever likely to obtain and it is my honest belief that we have been exceedingly fortunate at this late day to be able to have and leave behind us so good a roll and record of our loved company.

With a heart full of love for all my old comrades and a certainty that the last one of us will soon join the heroes who have gone on before and that e're many days we shall all answer that roll call ``beyond the river, and rest under the shade of the trees'' where wars are no more, your old Captain remains yours in life and death.

Gen John A. Hulen, Adjutant General of the State of Texas is hereby requested to accept above roll of Co. H. 4th. Texas Regt. in the name of the Great State of Texas from which said company went, to which it belonged, and from which only death could sever its members.

It is requested that the roll and enclosures be placed on file among the Archives of the military department of our State Government and there securely kept for all times as a memorial to as gallant a band of men as the Confederacy had.

J. T. Hunter.
Surviving Capt. Co H. 4th. Texas Regt.
Hoods Texas Brigade, Army of Northern Va.

Source: Texas State Archives and Library
Transcribed by: David Golimowski