(Transcription from personal files of Frank B. Chilton at the Texas State Archives)

Letter of Capt. J. T. Hunter to H. T. Sapp and Capt. F. B. Chilton requesting their inspection of and report on the above Roll.

Oakwood, Texas. 1/9/1905

H. T. Sapp and Capt F. B. Chilton,

Houston, Texas.

Dear Comrades,

I am in receipt of a letter of 5th. inst., also copy of Comrade Thomas Seargents Roll of Co. H. 4th Texas Inft., furnished the Adjt Gen. by comrade Jas. B. Seargent, and kindly furnished by him to myself.

Comrade Seargent also sent me a copy and I have carefully compared the two, and, as I find some discrepancies in the two, and some mistakes as to fate, wrong initials & etc., and I am feeling very anxious to have this Roll as perfect as possible so that each man, living and dead, shall have the honor due him, and none rest under the imputation of having ``deserted'' or been false to our colors or the cause we all loved so well, unless it can be proven beyond doubt he was guilty. I think the most of those enumerated by Comrade Thomas Seargents roll as deserters, simply from over work and exhaustion fell on the march by the wayside and were captured by the enemy. Now comrades I request (the time has past for me to give you orders) that you two go carefully over these rolls and make all corrections you know to be necessary, and where you need assistance I would refer you to B. F. Bullock, Rogers, Texas, Wm. A. Watson, Thornton, Texas, W. E. Copeland, Rockdale and T. A. Wynne, Huntsville. In trying to get information you will be impressed with the fact that very few of us remain from whom to get information, and what is done towards perfecting this Roll must be done soon.

I feel under great obligations to Comrade Seargent for this Roll for it is much more perfect than I ever expected to get. Now comrades please attend to this request at your earliest convenience, and let me hear from you. I send list of errors I note in the roll.

J. T. Hunter.
Capt. Co H. 4th. Texas Regiment Hoods
Brigade. Army of Northern Virginia.

Source: Texas State Archives and Library
Transcribed by: David Golimowski