Armory Hall
Austin July 28th '58

To the Mayor and Alderman
of the City of Austin

You are respectfully invited by the ``Quitman Rifles'' to join them in procession on the 7th August prox; to hear an eulogy pronounced by private N. G. Shelley upon the life and public services of the lamented patriot, statesman and soldier, Genl. John A. Quitman.

Committee of Invitation.
W. L. Hill E. D. Walker
X. B. De Bray O. Flusser
J. Martin T. J. Patterson
F. Arlitt W. T. Masterson
B. Herzog C. H. Rushton

Flusser, Masterson, and Rushton would later become members of Company B, Fourth Texas Infantry. Second Sergeant Flusser was killed at Sharpsburg, Masterson rose to the rank of Lieutenant, and Rushton was wounded at Gaines' Mill and Second Manassas.

Source: Texas State Archives and Library
Transcribed by: David Golimowski