Fourth Texas Company B Infantry

Muster Roll of Officers and Men, 1861-1865

Researched and written by Dave Golimowski


Source: Hood's Texas Brigade: Its Marches, Its Battles, Its Achievements by J. B. Polley, copyright 1988, Morningside House, Inc., Dayton, Ohio

Men named in red are those who surrendered at Appomattox Court House, April 9, 1865


Benjamin F. Carter, Captain
Promoted to Lieut.-Colonel, July 10, 1862; mortally wounded at Gettysburg July 2, 1863
William C. Walsh, First Lieutenant
Promoted to Captain, July 10, 1862; was permanently disabled at Gaines' Mill; after the war served as

Commissioner of General Land Office
James T. McLaurin, Second Lieutenant
Promoted to Captain
Robert J. Lambert, Third Lieutenant
Mortally wounded at Gaines' Mill
Frank L. Price, First Sergeant
Promoted to Adjutancy of regiment
Oliver Flusser, Second Sergeant
Killed at Sharpsburg, September 17, 1862
M. C. McAnelly, Third Sergeant
Killed at Second Manassas
T. W. Masterson, Fourth Sergeant
Promoted to Lieutenant
John T. Price, Fifth Sergeant
Promoted to Lieutenant
Niles Fawcett, First Corporal
Killed at Second Manassas
M. T. Norris, Second Corporal
Killed at Gettysburg
Stephen H. Burnham, Third Corporal
Killed at Second Manassas
Robert H. Clements, Fourth Corporal
Wounded 1862; died at Confederate Home in 1899


Adams, A. M.
Adams, Lee
Black, Lem; killed in Virginia, 1863
Blakey, Hart G.; killed at Sharpsburg
Bonner, Bud
Bonner, Cal
Bonner, Wash.
Buchner, C. A.
Burdett, Thomas P.
Burdett, Mike
Burdett, William E.
Burk, J.; permanently disabled at the Wilderness
Burnham, Frank
Calhoun, William C.; wounded at Seven Pines
Callaghan, John; killed at Sharpsburg
Campbell, A. C.
Carpenter, W. G.; wounded in 1864
Cater, Thomas E.
Caton, W. H.; disabled by wounds in 1864
Chandler, W. M.
Colvin, Garland; wounded at Gaines' Mill and Gettysburg
Cooke, ``Pet''; severely wounded at Gettysburg
Cooper, Samuel; wounded in 1863
Cox, Louis B.; wounded in 1864
Crozier, Granville H.; wounded at Gaines' Mill and Second Manassas
Davige, Robert A.
Dearing, James H.; one of Longstreet's sharpshooters, killed in 1864
Dohme, C. A.
Donahue, John
Dunkin, G. W.; died in 1862 of wounds received at Second Manassas
Dunson, J. K. P.; wounded in 1862
Durfee, A. A.; wounded in 1864
Falls, J.; killed in Virginia in 1862
Fawcett, B. K.; disabled at Sharpsburg
Flanikin, William J.; wounded in 1864
Ford, William F.; promoted to Lieutenant, wounded in 1863
Foster, William K.
Freeman, Pony
Freeman, C. L.; wounded at Gaines' Mill
George, M. A.; lost an arm at the Wilderness
Giles, Valerius Cincinnatus; wounded at Gaines' Mill
Girand, F. W.
Glasscock, Thomas A.
Gould, Uriah
Gregg, Alexander
Griffith, John
Grumbles, Perry; promoted to Sergeant, killed at Gettysburg
Hamby, William R.; wounded at Second Manassas, disabled at Sharpsburg
Hamilton, H.; wounded at Gaines' Mill
Hamilton, S. W.
Haralson, Charles L.
Hawthorne, A. J.
Haynes, J. J.
Henderson, J. B.; wounded once in 1863
Herbert, William; wounded in 1863
Hill, L. D.
Hoffler, G. W.; killed at Sharpsburg
Holden, D. W.
Hopson, Briggs, W.; wounded at Gaines' Mill
Horn, P.
Horton, W. H.
Howard, Ball; killed at Sharpsburg
Howard, Jeff.
Hughes, J. J.
Jones, A. C.
Jones, Etanial; killed in 1863
Jones, J. K. P.; killed at Chickamauga
Jones, Joe E.; wounded in 1863
Keller, J. H.
Keller, William A.; lost an arm at Gaines' Mill
Lessing, William H.; permanently disabled at Sharpsburg
Lightfoot, W. H.
Luckett, Alfred T.; wounded at Sharpsburg
Maier, H.; killed at Sharpsburg
Marcham, R.
Masterson, A. B.; wounded at Gettysburg
Mayfield, Eph.
Mayfield, Newton W.; wounded in 1864
McGee, Jno. F.; wounded at Second Manassas and Sharpsburg
McMath, M. W.
McMullin, Barney
McPhaul, C. M.
Millican, Ed. H.
Minor, Arthur
Morris, Charles L.; killed at Knoxville
Moseley, Sidney E.; lost right leg in battle in 1864
Moss, William V.
Neuendorff, Max; wounded and discharged in 1862
Nichols, A. W.; wounded at Seven Pines
Nichols George W.; wounded at Second Manassas, killed at Chickamauga
Piper, William L.; wounded at Second Manassas and Sharpsburg, discharged
Plagge, C.
Puckett, Lim.
Railey, J. D.; wounded in 1862
Rice, A. R.
Ripetoe, James
Roberts, A. S.; wounded at Second Manassas
Robertson, George L.; wounded at Gaines' Mill, disabled at Sharpsburg
Robertson, Robert R.; wounded in 1863
Rose, George W.
Rushton, Charles H.; wounded at Gaines' Mill and Second Manassas
Rust, Robert S.; seriously wounded and disabled at Sharpsburg
Schuler, John; seriously wounded at Gaines' Mill
Sheppard, J. L.
Stein, Isaac; lost an arm at Second Manassas
Stone, S. T.; disabled at Chickamauga
Strohmer, Frank; wounded once
Summers, Jno. S.; killed at Gaines' Mill
Tannehill, William J.: wounded at Gaines' Mill
Tatum, J. M.; killed in Virginia in 1863
Teague, S. P.; wounded in 1862
Thomas, James H.; killed at Second Manassas
Thomas, Mark; wounded at Gaines' Mill and Second Manassas
Todd, D. A.; wounded in 1862
Wheeler, Jno. G.; lost an arm at Darbytown
White, J. A.; wounded and died
Whitesides, H. A.; disabled at the Wilderness
Wilson, Samuel C.; wounded at Gaines' Mill
Woodward, Logan
Wright, James, A.; wounded in 1862
Wright, Peyton A.


Price, John; a Negro who followed his master, Lieut. John T. Price, into the service. He was faithful to the end, and after the war voted always with the Democrats of the State

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